Why Choose a Wireless Security System?



Choosing a wireless security system can save you time, money and headaches!

With a wireless device there are few if any obstacles in the way of getting the device into the necessary strategic position to protect the area. The huge downside to hardwire alarm systems, similar to the types of systems Brinks installs is that they can only place the equipment where the installer can get the wire rather than where it is going to be most effective. Many times moving a sensor 3 or 3 feet to left or right is the difference of having to purchase an additional sensor (fee) to get the correct level of protection. Wireless security is more versatile and cost effective. Get piece of mind.

Wireless Security Over Hard-wired

On a traditional hard-wired system, the security technician will have to run a wire from point A to point B on every point in the home that is being protected. All wires will terminate at one point (Master Control Center). If your home was already built, you can imagine the challenges of this process. There are many obstacles hidden behind the drywall that can make it difficult if not impossible to connect the necessary wires. Often times, walls will suffer significant damage, pipes are broken and power cables are cut.

Wireless Security Over Hard-wired

Adding hard wired security systems for existing homes is not an impossible task but it is extremely labor intensive (COSTLY) and comes with a great deal of risk. This leads into the very reason that wireless intrusion devices are far more effective in creating the proper and most effective protection for your home.

Are You Moving?

With ADT wireless systems you can easily bring your system with you wherever you go and keep the same trusted ADT security System in your new home.



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